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Annual Report 2013

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2013 was a very eventful year. Review of the principal highlights that demonstrate
Groupama Group's ability to adapt and transform to its environment,
and its commitment to its members, customers, employees and society.

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Centaure, no. 1 in driver safety training
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More than 800,000 trainees have taken courses, and more than 3 million accident situations have been recreated by Centaure centres since they were established.

The twelve Centaure centres in France are important not only for members and customers, but also for businesses and the general public. Their importance lies in the training they offer on accident prevention and eco-driving. In 2013, the Road Safety Charter, which guarantees high-quality driver training for all drivers after they gain their licence, was renewed by the Interdepartmental Task Force for Road Safety. Feedback has been positive in terms of accident rates.