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Annual Report 2013

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2013 was a very eventful year. Review of the principal highlights that demonstrate
Groupama Group's ability to adapt and transform to its environment,
and its commitment to its members, customers, employees and society.

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The move towards digitisation

The digital revolution is well under way. Digital technologies are being used increasingly in subscription processes for insurance products and are leading to big changes in accepted usage and habits; customers now have hybrid means of communication at their fingertips.

The Group is currently working hard to develop a multi-channel, integrated approach that makes use of all networks. This approach must complement a direct, more personal relationship between the Group and its customers while also encouraging the development of new products and services. By increasing the number of opportunities for contact with our customers, digitisation allows us to maintain and reinforce a relationship built on trust. In the future, the use of customer databases will enable us to adapt our insurance offering according to individual requirements, and to be more innovative. Groupama is preparing for these changes by taking advantage of the expertise acquired with Amaguiz.

The Group has maintained a presence on social media networks since 2008 and now has more than 57 pages on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, as well as the Franck Cammas and Cerise de Groupama channels on Dailymotion. The subsidiaries and regional mutuals are also taking initiatives in this area.
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