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Annual Report 2013

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2013 was a very eventful year. Review of the principal highlights that demonstrate
Groupama Group's ability to adapt and transform to its environment,
and its commitment to its members, customers, employees and society.

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Groupama Asset Management
awarded a European Funds Trophy

On 4 March, Groupama Asset Management was awarded a European Funds Trophy.
This highly sought-after award recognises the very best European funds as well as
the best asset management companies at the national and European level.

Groupama Asset Management, ranked as the leading French asset manager in the category "70 to 100 rated funds", received the "Best French Range" award for the quality of its product ranges and its steady performance over four years. This long-term performance is the result of a number of strong points: a research team composed of economists, financial analysts and extra-financial analysts; dynamic allocation of assets; decisive stock and sector picking; and responsible asset management. The European Funds Trophy European Funds Trophy is organised by Fundclass, in partnership with a number of leading European media publications.

Philippe Setbon, CEO of Groupama Asset Management, receiving the European Funds Trophy 2014.