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Annual Report 2013

In deed(s)

2013 was a very eventful year. Review of the principal highlights that demonstrate
Groupama Group's ability to adapt and transform to its environment,
and its commitment to its members, customers, employees and society.

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Gan Foundation for Cinema,
a major patron of the 7th art

Each year, the Gan Foundation for Cinema awards grants of more than €67,000 to fund the production of 7 feature films. This is a great boost for the winners, who often sweep the board at various film festivals.

The 2013 winners:

  • Rémi Chayé (Tout en haut du monde)
  • Fejria Deliba (D’une pierre deux coups),
  • Sara Forestier (M),
  • Louis Garrel (Les deux amis),
  • Elad Keidan (De notre situation économique),
  • Alireza Khatami (Les versets de l’oubli),
  • and Laurent Teyssier (Mauvais œil)

will be able to direct their own movies.

The Gan Foundation, a major partner of French cinema, has the twofold objective of supporting both production and broadcasting of contemporary movies. It partners with around 15 festivals, chiefly in France.

Cyril Mennegun, director, was awarded the 2013 César for Best Feature Film