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Annual Report 2013

Groupama Group

Our business lines:
Comment on our results

The performance of the business lines is a priority so that we can continue to create value for our customers and for our members. The drivers and tools for achieving this are clearly identified: a dynamic of innovation, a policy of partnership, rigorous technical management, efficient networks, multi-channel distribution and high-quality relationships.

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Multi-risk home insurance

Groupama, the no. 2 home insurer in France, has consolidated its strengths and advanced more quickly than the market with a range of innovative and attractive products and services
Premium income of €1,120 million

Motor insurance

Groupama offers the best balance between insurance premiums and risk, thanks in particular to the overhaul of the "Conduire 2012" offering and subscription processes that are now fully computerised.
Premium income of €2,780 million

Health and individual protection insurance

No. 1 in individual health insurance, the Group has adapted the Groupama Santé Active offering to suit the constraints on household budgets, developed its network of partnerships with healthcare professionals and gradually rolled out the "Optique Solidaire" system.
Premium income of €1,427 million in health and €727 million in protection insurance

Group insurance

The Group was among the first insurers to launch a supplemental group healthcare product that meets ANI requirements and has also overhauled its savings and pensions offering with a new product built around unit-linked policies.
Premium income of €1,658 million

Agricultural risk insurance

Groupama is the market leader in agricultural insurance and is very much involved in studying developments in the agricultural world. It has seen its premium income grow 8% in France and abroad.
Premium income of €1,078 million

Craftsmen, traders and service providers

No. 3 in the market via its Groupama and Gan brands, the Group has continued to develop its profitability on the strength of rigorous subscriptions and a large number of partnerships.
Premium income of €403 million in non-life

Companies, local authorities and associations

In a challenging economic environment, Groupama has consolidated its presence alongside SMEs and has maintained an active role with local authorities, for which it is the leading insurer. Groupama is also market leader among associations and has partnered with Générations Mouvement – Les Aînés Ruraux [Active Generations – Rural Seniors] as well as Maisons Familiales Rurales [Rural Family Homes].
Premium income of €1,038 million


Savings, individual retirement savings, wealth management

With production of €1.1 billion in unit-linked policies, the roll-out of the new savings strategy has been a success. The unit-linked rate in total inflows reached 28%. The specialised networks represent nearly 50% of Groupama's savings inflows. In 2013, they sold new offerings in life, banking and property insurance.
Premium income of €2,380 million



The services businesses are well-positioned on growth markets and have made significant progress. Mutuaide Assistance has continued its development thanks to its business activities outside the Group.
Premium income of €185 million for Mutuaide Assistance

Legal protection

A comprehensive new legal protection offering, aimed at SMEs, has generated a 5% increase in premium income. The offering includes, among other things, assistance in managing crises and unlimited telephone access to legal information.
Premium income of €64 million



In a sluggish economic environment, outstanding deposits and loans exceeded €1.5 billion. Gross inflows in management under mandate rose 23%, sustained by very good stock market performances by the CAC 40.
€87 million contribution to Group net banking income

Asset management

Groupama Asset Management, the 8th-largest asset management company in France, has continued to streamline its product range and has participated in the development of the unit-linked inflows.
€84.5 billion in assets under management

Properties management

Groupama Immobilier manages the asset base of Groupama S.A. and its French subsidiaries and also carries out asset management on behalf of third parties. The French investment market has remained active, while the market for office rentals in Ile-de-France fell 25%. Groupama S.A. and its subsidiaries were exposed to the effects of the ALUR law, with residential property making up 27% of their investments.
€3.4 billion in property and forest assets

Employee savings scheme

A new record was set in terms of both the number of new memberships and assets under management. With €794.6 million invested in SRI funds, the Group is still the third-largest French contributor to funds accredited by the CIES (Comité Intersyndical de l'Epargne Salariale - French Inter-union Employee Savings Committee)
€1,832 million in assets under management