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Logo Groupama

Annual Report 2013

Groupama Group

Our mission:
Insurers who Create Confidence

Groupama is centred around its business lines, prioritising profitable development. It has done this in its own way, rooted in the regions, supported by the strength of its representatives and in close connection with its members and customers. The Group has adopted a new positioning that highlights very clearly its values and vision.

Groupama - Insurers who Create Confidence

Insurers with an 's'

Groupama Group has a close relationship with its customers through three complementary brands: Groupama, Gan and Amaguiz. Each has its own identity. The word 'varied' also refers to a mindset, or a specific way in which we each carry out our business with pride. To be insurers who create confidence, we must always believe that we can do more for our customers, our employees and society. We must also be able to reinvent ourselves, to maintain their confidence and trust. Trust is built on commitment, solidarity and a relationship that is close, responsible and human.